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COOK WITH ME! ✨Must have recipes!

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Published: 27 April 2023

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Welcome back, y’all! I’ll have the recipes down below here for you. Keep in mind I measure with my heart most of the time 😉 if you have any recipe suggestions or requests let me know! I’d love to include them in a future video!

Dinner rolls

1/3 cup melted butter (I use salted) or you can use oil
1 cup warm milk
2 & 1/4 tsp yeast (1 packet)
2 tbs brown sugar & 1 tsp white sugar (or you can use 3 tsp altogether of any sugar you have)
3 cups flour (bread flour OR all purpose)
1 tsp salt

After kneading let rest gkr 30 min - 45 min. Roll into 15 balls. Let rise covered in warm environment for 1 hour or until puffy. Bake at 350° about 20 min or until golden. Top with melted butter.

Chicken Parmesan

1 large Boneless skinless chicken breast
1 cup + Bread crumbs or crushed crackers (ritz, saltines, club, doesnt Matter!)
1/4 cup parmesan
1/2 tsp Italian seasoning
2 eggs + 2 tsp water mixed
Frying oil (vegetable or canola, melted crisco, etc) OR cooking spray if baking

Butterfly & cut in half, then pound thin chicken breast. (This should give you 4 large filets.)
Coat in egg mix then bread crumb mixture.
(You can do this twice.)
Heat oil in deep skillet like cast iron. Keep heat on medium. Once hot, place chicken in the oil with tongs. The chicken should immediately start sizzling or the oil is not hot enough.
Cook both sides until golden.

If baking, place the breaded chicken on baking sheet & spray with oil. Bake at 375 for 20-40 min depending on how thick the chicken is.

Ranch dressing
The packet should include directions for the brand & size you buy!

Chicken teriyaki
6-7 boneless skinless chicken thighs cubed up (or 2 chicken breast, or 2 lbs cubed beef)
1 cup water or chicken broth
1/2 cup soy sauce or coconut animos
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 tbs honey
1 tsp garlic
1 tsp ginger (opt)
1-2 tbs garlic chili sauce or sriracha (opt)

Pressure cook everything for 30 min.
Whisk 3 tbs corn starch with 3 tbs cool water. Add to sauce to thicken as it cooks on heat. (You can add more corn starch slurry if the sauce doesn’ get thick enough after 2 min.) Serve over rice or cooked vegetables etc.

Coffee cream
1/2 can sweetened condensed milk
16 oz half & half
4 tbs coffee syrup (or to taste, idk how much)

You can make a double batch or save the leftover condensed milk in a mason jar etc in the fridge.